Terms and Conditions

The Earthbeat Challenge is run by Youth4Planet (“Y4P”)

  1. All entries into the competition must be your original work and must not infringe the copyrights, trademarks, rights of privacy, publicity or other intellectual property or other rights of any person or entity, or otherwise be unlawful.
  2. Y4P has overall discretion in determining whether to publish, screen or broadcast any material.
  3. Y4P is entitled without liability to you to cancel the competition and/or to make reasonable adjustments to the competition rules at any time.
  4. By entering this challenge, you automatically agree to abide by the challenge rules and Terms and Conditions.
  1. The Earthbeat Challenge is open to any person in any country aged within the age range on the closing date.
  2. The video must address the challenge theme(s).
  3. The film must be within the required length.
  4. Films can be in any language but English subtitles must be provided if not in English
  5. Entry forms must be submitted through the Earthbeat website, earthbeat.youth4planet.com. The video must uploaded or sent to earthbeat@youth4planet.org using a service such as WeTransfer.com by 23:59 PM on the closing date for entries.
  1. All entries will be reviewed for each category. The judging panel will then decide which films are shortlisted or given an award or mention.
  2. Any entry which does not comply with the rules or meet the requirements will be disqualified.
  3. The selection of the shortlists and any awards or prizes is entirely the decision of the Earthbeat team and the judging panel. The judging panel’s decision will be final and conclusive, and no further discussion will be entered into.
  1. The judging panel will shortlist films for the thematic categories.
  2. The top films by popular vote for each thematic category will be selected by viewer vote on the Earthbeat YouTube channel.
  3. The voting system will operate by one view = one vote.
  4. Only views on the Earthbeat YouTube channel will be recorded.
  5. Earthbeat will monitor carefully for any non authentic video views, for example video views from ‘click farms’. Earthbeat reserves the right to disqualify any entry if it discovers voting irregularities or non authentic video views.  No correspondence will be entered into.
  1. Y4P and key partners and funders may use the material provided for any promotional, marketing and publicity in any media without notice and without any fee being payable to you.
  2. By entering into this challenge, you hereby release and agree to hold harmless Y4P and its respective affiliates, subsidiaries, assigns, agents, representatives, independent contractors, officers, employees, directors, and the judging panel from and against any and all claims, liabilities, costs, damages and expenses of any kind arising out of or relating to your entry to the challenge, your use or acceptance of any prize, or the use by Y4P of any entries submitted by you.
  3. By entering this challenge, you grant to Y4P, our key partners  and funders, licensees and affiliates a worldwide royalty-free right to record, edit, use, reproduce, screen and distribute in the following media: print, film, television, online, electronic or by any other means currently known or yet to be devised, the competition entries you submit to the Earthbeat challenge; and to use your picture, voice, name and likeness provided by you for the competition in publicity and advertising concerning any such use of your entry.
  4. The films may be screened on TV, used for publicity purposes or shown at other events. Y4P does not commit to using the films for any of the purposes listed.
  1. The competition is governed by and subject to the laws of Luxembourg. The decisions of Y4P are final and binding in all discretionary matters relating to this competition.