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If you’re here you’ve probably already got great ideas.

If you need help to turn your ideas into a short film, we will be running free online workshops on how to get the most from your smartphone. Earthbeat's online learning resources provide tips and training on filming, editing, interviews and journalism. Watch this space and our social media channels for details of upcoming online events and catch the recordings on YouTube.

We are also working with leaders across the globe to run free online workshops in many countries: Brazil, Ecuador, Germany. Ghana, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Lebanon, Liberia, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe.   Complete our form below if you would like us to help you host training in YOUR community.

Tips for Smartphone Film makers

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INSTA Tips 3 - camera moves
INSTA TIPS Shots 1a = Long
INSTA TIPS Shots 1b = Medium
INSTA Tips 1 - horizontal
INSTA TIPS Shots 2a = Close face
INSTA TIPS Shots 2b = Close hands
INSTA Tips 2 - light source
INSTA TIPS Shots 3a = Panning
INSTA TIPS Shots 3b = Tracking
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