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Tackling the climate emergency, looking after nature, reducing consumption. We need to act fast and grasp the opportunities to live greener and live better.
Share your stories, actions and ideas for a more sustainable world.  Join the Earthbeat community and take part in building a better future, for the planet, for you, for everyone.
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How do you see a greener future, whether local or global? How are you making it happen? What’s your story?

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Turn your story into a film with your smartphone. We’ll give you tips on filming editing, interviews and journalism.

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Share your story with Earthbeat. Join the conversation, inspire others. Become part of the solution.



Watch our videos and join a training session to improve your film, journalism and storytelling skills

Earthbeat Challenge

Create a short film, share it online and join the global conversation.

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Watch films from young people in 22 countries and search by Theme or Region

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