We want to build a global community of young digital storytellers to report on environmental issues affecting their communities.

We want people to share their ideas for building a better future.

We want people to inspire each other to take action on the climate and nature emergency and to understand the opportunities for new and better ways of living and working.

We will only tackle the climate change and the destruction of nature by working together, sharing knowledge and spreading ideas. Smart phones and the internet have created the most powerful communications tools ever.

Earthbeat wants help young people develop their digital video and storytelling skills, join the conversation and find out more about the opportunities to live and work more sustainably.  will add to the .

Earthbeat is being developed by Youth4Planet. The activities will run through 2021 in the run up to and beyond the COP26 climate meeting taking place in Glasgow, UK in November 2021.

A selection of films will be shown at events leading up to and during the COP26 climate conference in the UK in November. 

We will also be promoting and showcasing films on our social media and YouTube channels.

Your film could be seen by young people, climate activists and governments ministers around the world! 

When you submit your film, it will still belong to you. 

Apart from showing you film, by entering you give us permission to use all or part of your film without charge.  We may edit clips from other films together such as into a show reel to show the scale and variety of films from around the world.    

Please see the terms and conditions for the Earthbeat film challenge.  

We would love to reach young people in every country around the world.  Check out the details on each of our activities as projects may vary but generally anyone between the ages of 14-30 can take part in Earthbeat activities.