Internet speeds and the effects of climate change couldn’t stop us!

On Saturday 26th June, Earthbeat kicked of the summer with a virtual training session that was truly global!

Representing 7 countries, and reaching around the globe, the 16 participants logged in from Liberia, Nigeria, Ghana, India, Lebanon, Brazil and Germany, to develop their skills in being workshop leaders and trainers.

Each trainer learnt more about hosting a public workshop, training young people to transform stories into film, and the technical craft of smartphone storytelling. These local trainers will now go on to host sessions on film, storytelling and journalism in their local communities throughout July and August.

It’s an exciting few months ahead for Earthbeat’s community partners. We will be holding further sessions and inviting more trainers to attend, and run their own workshops locally.

Read more about our filmmaking training event or contact us to find out how to host a local training session.

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