Our event at COP26 IMAX was a great success!

Yesterday, we hosted an evening at COP26 titled “Amplifying the voices of young people through film and the media”. We announced teh winners of the Earthbeat Challenge, talked about the Tour with our CreatiVelos, had exciting guests and showed various shortfilms. The hightlights were

  • A showreel of entries to the #EarthbeatFilmChallenge. These also include short films about foraging in Turkey, creating conifer and fruit nurseries in Ukraine, and protecting Tanzania’s soil. Watch shortlisted entries here.
  • A presentation on the month-long Earthbeat bike tour from Luxembourg to Glasgow. Along the way, the cyclists gathered vox pops from schools, climate events and local attractions including the #LondonTransportMuseum @ltmuseum as well as creating pop-ups.
  • A preview of #GretaThunberg ‘s film For Nature – the first ever theatrical screening.
  • Films by @insight_share about its work with indigenous communities, along with a discussion on the power of social media with participants from Kenya, India and Mexico.
  • A sneak preview of a new documentary by @spring_films and Millenial Films, following 11 children born in 1992, the year of the first Rio Earth Summit.
  • Presentation of the ’The Earthbeat Impact Award powered by The #BerthaFoundation

If you missed the event, don’t worry. There was a livestream and it has all been recorded! You can still watch it here:

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